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Monday, November 26, 2012



 G.A.M.E- Oedipus complex- We were at the Boss Game lodge contemplating how Freud's Oedipus complex (for more click here I realize that most females in my opinion are naturally bisexual and have an undelying attraction to the same sex. freud concluded that between the ages of 3-6yr a child has his first sexual desires called the Phallic Stage. Not only did he say that men are attracted to their mothers and want to kill their fathers. Freud theorized that woman have the same complex. Woman suffer from what is called "penis envy" and men suffer from "castration anxiety".

Freud had the idea that in our  todler stage we have the theory that our mother's were castrated by our fathers and her will serve us (men) the same fate. Woman are jeolous of their lack of a penis therefore, they theories as infants that they have already been castrated thus "penis envy".If these complexes are not resolved in either sex it could lead to various forms of sexual deviance. When a father is absent I ask you who does the male-child look to kill in this subconcious realm. I will answer this question for you. He seeks to destroy his own self image.In woman they usually never really resolve this complex whether there is a father or not. It is due to this psychoanalytical juxposition that most woman are bi-sexual. This is where your Roseanne Barrs and feminist of the world come from.


Casey Anthony, Christina Aguilara and Lindsay Lohan. These three ladies get my dick hard lol jfwy. But on a serious note when practicing the art of attraction I want you inspiring Pick Up Artists/Macks/Pimps?players to remember these words "Fatal Attraction". Just because, a female may seem appealing doesn't mean she is a "Good Catch". You want to look for more than just looks think about the cost her beauty may have on your "life style". I have had beautiful woman I have had to cut off because, in reality other than sex they did no have anything to offer. Ask yourself are you always paying for the dates? Has she offered to pay? If the cons outweigh the pros than be a man and use logic. There are plenty fish in the sea therefore having one is too close to none and when you have choices you don't have to put up with crazy. <<<free Pick up Artist tutorial

 Okay SoHalle Berry Is One of the flyest if not the flyest Woman on earth but Boss Game teaches that Real Players don't fight over females unless under certain circumstances (she your woman and a man hits her or disrespects you in front of her). what made her "Baby daddy" go over and get "served like some cavi". Players learn a lesson from this she is your babymon and not your wife for a reason!!!!   story below

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