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Friday, January 18, 2013

5 HOT Dating Tips from George Clooney!

5 HOT Dating Tips from George Clooney I have said this time and time again. Men are like wine we get better with time. George Clooney along with others such as, Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt epitomize this fact. When George Clooney was on Welcome back Carter in the late 70's he was only a C list actor. George Clooney did not rise to prominence until the 90's. What happened within those 20 years? The answer is time. George s stock rose like most men. Not only did he catapult to stardom A list style he was voted Sexiest man alive in his 40's. Born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1961, George Clooney epitomizes the suaveness and class of men born and raised in the South. He has an old-fashioned respect for women which is refreshing. One top trait that he says makes a man stylish is a sense of humor. As he put it, "For me, a sense of humor is number one. It's certainly what's most attractive. It's not the first thing you notice at 21, but it's the first thing you notice now." He was named as People Magazine's "sexiest man alive" in 1997 and 2006 not only because of his good looks, but because of his charisma, behavior, style, and class, among other positive traits that any man would do well to copy. Here are five of his tips for dating success: #5: Have rest for the women you date - don't "kiss and tell" Clooney maintains that if he didn't keep his private life personal, it wouldn't be "personal." This is also his belief when it comes to the women he dates. It's not anyone else's business. He says there are more important things in life for people to worry about than who he went out to dinner with last night. This attitude is very appreciated by the women in his life. So, take a page out of Clooney's book and don't discuss your dates with other people, especially other women! If you get a bad rep for talking about your sexual exploits with the other people in your crowd, you soon won't find any woman who will want to be with you. And what woman in her right mind wants to hear you talk about your past exploits? She will be thinking that if she becomes your next "exploit" you'll be discussing her at your next night at the bar. #4: Don't be afraid to act your age There's nothing you can do about your age and, more often than not, it's easy for someone to find out exactly how old you are. Actually, a little maturity is a good thing because women are attracted to suave, "older" men. For one thing, they have more class and poise than a younger man, and they've learned how to treat a woman. Also, they're not so self-conscious and have left that "jerk" phase behind them. So, remember, be comfortable with whatever age you are. Women will flock to a man who is comfortable in his own skin. #3: Be careful of who you hang out with What kind of men do you include in your close circle of friends? Remember the old saying, "birds of a feather flock together?" What kind of impression will a woman get about you from the people she sees you hanging out with? George Clooney says that you need to be aware of the type of people in your social circle, especially when you all go out together and hope to meet some nice women. Don't let your friends ruin your chances or embarrass you by their behavior. #2: Have integrity Women look for a man who has integrity, not only in his personal actions, but in the causes and beliefs he considers important to his life. Don't be wishy-washy about what you believe in. Be straightforward. Make yourself someone a woman would be proud to introduce to her family and friends. Be someone who is consistent in their beliefs and someone a woman can trust. #1: Be charming Being charming can take many forms. Giving the woman you're with your full attention when you are talking, being polite - opening doors, saying thank you and please - being the epitome of a gentleman. Having a confident attitude about yourself. Being gracious. If you will just start to incorporate a more "charming" demeanor into your actions, you will have the women more than happy to be in your company. These are just a few pointers from one of the most self-confident and charming men in the world today. Incorporate these tips into your life and you will increase your chances of success with the women of your choice.

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