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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Should single guys date at least 5 women at a time?

Should single guys date at least 5 women at a time? Yes. Why? Having one is to close to none and having two is too few. When you are a seasoned player you have to have the mentality that “two are coming when one is going”.
In laymen’s terms you have to avail yourself to options. If you have one girlfriend or women you are dating and she decides that she doesn’t want to stay with you. What happens at this point is that you are stuck in that “peculiar” rebound state. When you are in this state we tend to doubt ourselves and may fall into depression.
We mistakenly think that there is something wrong with us as individuals instead of seeing it as there is fault in the other person. A true effective Mack has to be totally convinced that he is the “bait” in the relationship and never chase them but replace them. I advise all my colleagues and clients to date at least 5 women at a time.
This will combat the trickish yearn to be and/or appear thirsty (desperate). Instead of being the guy calling his ex begging for another chance  you can move another girl off the “bench” and give her more playing time.
I say keep a team off five like a basket ball team. Let us go with the analogy. If your stable of women are allegory to the Lakers you are The owner. Your main girl is Kobe and the rest are supporting cast. Although she may be Kobe at no point don’t trade Shaq to appease her.
If your main female is not content with you having other stars then advise her to score more. You never want to get to emotionally attached because, eventually either one of the girls may want to get traded (and choose up with another player). This does not affect your team permanently because, unlike the actual game there are drafts held every day.
What this I mean is that there are females turning a legal age by the millisecond every day all day. Always be cognizant of the fact that woman outnumber men about 2-1 in the USA. Now factor into this  all of the variables (i.e. homosexuality, incarceration, marriage). In reality the number are more like 4 to 1 and in some regions the numbers are higher.
 I am saying this in order to let you realize that woman want you way more than you want her player. Men especially a good one is a commodity. You have a lot of bad teams (available men) in the league (dating game) therefore, any aspiring addition would love to play for The Lakers. In closing I am going to tell the reader to enhance his Game by being the Lakers.
What is Being a Laker Player?
Keeping you hygiene up to par and washing twice daily. Keeping your  home stadium clean and exquisite. Your apartment and/or house displays a lot about how you live so keep it neat. Make sure your uniform matches (stay dressed to impress). And last but not least stay winning (achieving your goals)

Dyce The P

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