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Monday, January 7, 2013

Daddy Little girl and Mommy's Big Example

Females are always daddy's little girl, but she most of the time she is mommy's example. So mothers please take more care in the examples you set. Yes it is important for young males also.. but when a young girl is damaged you damage a community.. a good woman can raise the standards of men, just by having standards. difficult to do once, even when you have redirected yours life, that man will almost always want you to be a negative; if you meet him in a negative state. so please mothers, watch how you dress, talk, and your character, in front of your daughters...never let them think that their worth is in their bodies, and not their mind. learn to say no, i am so saddened that a good friend of mine's daughter is in the process of throwing her life away starting at 12 and now 15. the mother is a good person, but is so engrossed with life's problems that she has lost sight of her children. please pray for our children, but especially our little girls..

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