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Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Can a Book Change your Life?"

We think the "doomsday" may be near because, we here at have been to every PUA forum and have spoken to every so called pua artist calling themselves gurus. I have effectively exposed the Mystery pua system with my BOSS GAME:The Science of seduction available through See I have caught flack from various players macks and pimp telling me to not give you this game but, I feel that you desearve this ism. Im prepared to give it away FREE of charge to the first 100 people thats right only 100 spots so go to, read the free content and then sign in at the bottom of the page and see if you can change your outlook on life. Or go to and download BOSS GAME:The Science of Seduction. If your looking for a "woman for man and woman" this book is for you if your looking for travel and to meet exotic woman this book is for you, if you DEsire to be a beter man Boss Game:The science of seduction is for you. The science goes as man seeking woman and woman seeking man however, I only coach  you you have to do the doing.

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