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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hugh "PlayBoy" Hefner and "Nice Pretty Young B^%$#" Engaged Again

Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris Engaged Again: Couple Set To Wed ...

Yeah I have to tip my hat to Hugh he is 86yrs old and his bride to be is only 26. Man When Im 86 im definenetly gonna hae me a young gir as a matter of fact I rarely date females my age and by rarely I mean never lol. Woman of a certain age are not suitable to be groomed to Boss Game. Don't be a fool I caught one of Hugh's hoes out of Pocket (Kendra) and althoguh I didn't knock hime Hank later did. lol cclick below for the whole story from HuffPress
[Dec 1, 2012] Sounds like these exes are giving their love another shot. According to TMZ, Hugh Hefner, 86, and Crystal Harris, 26, are engaged again after Harris called here for full story

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