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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Katt Attack!!!! Pimp's Don't Shop At Tar-Jay(Target)!!!!

We need to hurry up Gang and get this message over to Katt Stacks I mean Katt Williams quickly. I was only serious in my other post when I said that he needs an intervention. Katt gets in trouble so much, It all seems like one big incident called his career. Sheesh Sheesh Player first your running from the LAPD on a Tricycle and whip off your helmet and say "Heeheeehaaahaa You can't Stop Us" got the muthfu&^%$ Tricycle on the bridge Pu$$3 Poppin". Bruh, my P partner said when he saw you perform In A.C. you turned the comedy act into a Rap Concert sheesh... They Said The whole Dip Set came out and you bust an acapella freestyle. You must not respect your craft let alone your fans and Real P's whole are effected by you foolishness. But now your really putting black eyes on the pimping with this ole' let me smack a Target Employee. Player you are the quickest come up right now because, you let everybody ruffle your feathers like you are in your teens. Now your hanging with Suge Knight. Homie Suge GOt Knocked Out and your way to old to Join a Gang. Besides what P' joins a Mu&^%$#@ gang? What The hell are you doing shopping in Targette/Target. Anyway here the vid followed by a link to the whole story

From The Examinir

The Katt Williams slap is being heard around the internet today. On Dec. 2, TMZ posted a video of the comedian actually hitting a Target employee before stealing an electric cart to make his getaway. He ditched that ride for his three-wheeled motorcycle (the one police chased him through Sacramento on). Police didn't catch up to him... and he hasn't been arrested for any of this craziness yet. Click here for the whole story

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