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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kat Williams Update #50thousand-a-Million

To tell you all the truth I am getting tired of blogging about this dude Im going to Manhattan tonight and I will post pics from the "Lifestyle Event". If you have'nt yet go over to and sign up for your free tutorial/ebooks. Boss Game Text Book is available through lulu use this link for the "inner Circle Mack PacK" . With that all said seems like the law has caught up to Krack Williams here is the story.

Yolo County Sheriffs deputies arrested comedian Katt Williams Friday night. The arrest happened in Dunnigan at a gas station off of I-5 after a traffic stop, Yolo sheriff's officials said. An arrest warrant was issued for Williams out of Sacramento County Thursday for a reckless driving incident that happened in November. (KCRA)

If you remember I posted about this inciden just search Kat Williams on this blog. In late November 2012 he eveaded police on a "tri-cycle"

An arrest warrant has been issued for the comedian for felony evading police and driving in a reckless manner, the Sacramento District Attorney confirms to E! News. The California Highway Patrol says that Williams fled officers on a white three-wheeled motorcycle on Nov. 25. Police attempted to pull Williams over after he was spotted driving on the sidewalk near a Sacramento hotel. At one point during the chase, Katt took off his full-face helmet and yelled "I am not going to stop" at the arresting officers. CHP officers discontinued the pursuit, which lasted two minutes and reached 35 mph, out of concern for the public's safety. (E! Online)

So I originally thought this was a "PR stunt Gone way wrong but now, I will recant my thoughts!!! Here is my honest expert opinion on the issue. Kat need to first slow down and gradually stop whatever "self medication" he is "self prescribing". There is something within Kat that he finds inadequete he must conquers those things that make him feel less than fulfilled with his inner self. Kat lacks a sense of structure therefore his judgement is off.

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